Back in the mid 60s, as a young boy, I told dad I would not continue with school anymore.  Dad was a straight forward person, he emigrated to the UK, in 1948 worked every hour God sent and was also practical.

His answer was “go to work”, “I am not supporting you if you do not study”.  I did. As we had very little cash in the house anything would help.

Started at the University of Hard Knocks (LIFE), working was tough, was hard, was unforgiving. From restaurant to factory to further and further on.

Some people believed in me, and after a couple of years I decided to return to college.This allowed me to acquire my qualifications.

Studying and working was hard, but it taught me how to manage time effectively.

The University of Hard Knocks instowed in me: respect, hard work and to never give up. Never say  "it cannot be done" there is always a solution no matter what.

If it had not been done before … do it, be the first, became my motto.

I was lucky to meet people who pushed to go further and farther, and gradually confidence grew,  with it the ambitions,  the curiosity to explore new technologies new ideas and new horizons.

I travelled the world working for top organisations, the largest media organisations and the best engineering and electronic companies. Building an arsenal of knowhow which I can use to my advantage when working with clients.

In the last few years I have used this experience  to teach and mentor people, to pass on the knowledge the same way it was done for me when I was young.

I have become a visiting professor in colleges and Universities, using the English language ad a vehicle to broaden their horizons.

The strange part we have gone full circle, I teach…… students who are the same age of when I decided to leave school….. 

I keep on learning and giving away my knowledge, an insatiable appetite for knowledge and new things keeping ahead with the latest technologies and methodologies.

As my father said you will never graduate from the University of Life….. until the last day…